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      Brand is you

      New Brand in Out-of-Home Consumption


      As an innovative marketing company which holds the dealership of major institutions such as Johnson Diversey, Inoksan and Unilever, Baypa had a clear target when it reached an agreement with Brand is You to bring a new perspective to out-of-home consumption. 

      Creating a new generation marketing development where the needs of those enterprises offering different services to the end user such as food, cleaning, cosmetics, kitchen tools are met in a reliable, fast and economic manner! 

      Brand is You determined a different starting point to create the right brand first of all: Building the shortest path between the consumer and the enterprise!

      Because Consumption Does Not Wait!

      First of all, a modern name that can be used in all domestic and international activities was selected: Platform. 

      As one of the youngest entrepreneur and practical marketing companies in Turkey, Platform delivers the right product that its business partners across the nation need in the most reliable and fastest way. The company represents this special stand with a different and creative brand slogan: "Because consumption does not wait." 

      Contemporary Identity Completing Brand Idea

      Platform name and brand story were completed with a distinguishing identity ensuring the sustainability of the story. The brand's visual world was established with soft line pictograms representing out of home consumption. 


      With its new name and identity, Platform now has significant objectives. To expand across Turkey rapidly by executing new agreements with those groups looking for dealerships. Becoming one of the most preferred names in out of home consumption first in Turkey and afterwards in neighboring countries!