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Brand is you

Being a Country Brand


Find ten professionals whose job is "brands" and ask them the brands they dream of working on. Rest assured, they will all give similar answers: That famous soda which sells happiness, search engine with the colorful logo, bitten apple and its technological products... 

Of course it is not a crime to dream about and create for these familiar brands. In fact, it is highly eye opening. However, our dream brands have always been different up until today. In our quest to change the world through brands, we wanted to work with towns, cities and eventually countries. We dreamed of generating ideas for the lands of millions and tell their stories to the entire world. And we turned this big dream into a reality for our own homeland. 

Turkey's Story

“Turkey Discover the Potential” project executed with the support of the Prime Ministry, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and under the coordination of Turkish Exporters' Assembly started approximately 3 years ago. Its logo and corporate identity was designed by Brand is You's business partner Saffron. The project was launched in September 2014. This is also the date when Brand is You was included in the project as the brand agent.

Over time, Brand is You organized the accurate implementation of the standards. It collected all Promotional Societies under a single identity. It prepared advertisements for the industry promoting the project. It offered consultancy for Turkish brands who wanted to use the logo.

Current Status and Future of Turkey Brand 

Brand is You prepared the international advertisement campaign of the branding movement under Turkey Discover The Potential and implemented it in 5 different countries. Afterwards, it designed a multi-channel national advertisement campaign explaining the brand story. Campaign was launched on December 25, 2015 by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey.

"Discover The Potential" qualifies as a strong call that extends from Turkey to the entire globe. Turkey hints what it can accomplish with this call inspired by its commercial and cultural background dating back hundreds of years combined with the potential it has, its expertise, industrial capacity and reliable delivery understanding.


There is something in Turkey that everyone who had gone beyond borders and carried their business to the world is sure about: If our customer wins, we win as well. The product and services that we offer prove Turkey's incredible power and potential and invites the world to become a partner in the country’s success.