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Brand is you

Branding the Service


We have two sentences. The first one goes like this: Sistema is a consultancy company that offers process management services for national and international companies based on decades of experience.

The second description written for the same company is as the following: Sistema is not an ordinary consultancy company. In fact, Sistema does not prefer to use the word “consultancy” while explaining its business. As a result oriented company focused on strategic transformation, Sistema has been engineering success for the past 16 years. 

Which one do you think is more effective? 

From Consultancy to Engineering Success

Big brands do not sell commodities or services. In reality, what they sell is not the concrete form of their products but the abstract form. For example, Coca-Cola does not market sodas; it sells happiness. Nike does not sell sports equipment, it sells victory. Apple is not a technological product brand. It is the place where you defy status quo with the first colored computer, first telephone without any a keyboard or the first application system. 

This is exactly what Brand is You configured for the rebirth of Sistema. The perception of a conventional consultancy company selling products over decades has been wiped off and a new brand marketing success and explaining its entire story over this branch has come into existence. 

Success is in the Logo, within the Identity and Everywhere

People are not defined with what they have; they are defined with what they have not accomplished yet. The house of success is built brick by brick. It is an ongoing process. It is the sum of planned, systematic and decisive actions. 

This is what is described with the mark + in Sistema's new logo designed by Brand is You. The mark is configured beyond being a colorful addition but it is turned into a pattern expanded to all corporate identity materials. 

Corporate identity is not just a visual material, but at the same time, it is a verbal means of communication. Therefore, all Sistema documents bear the sentence "Success Engineering" which is the abstract expression of the institution. 


At the end of 3-month consultancy, all institutional documents were redesigned, the website was re-designed, and the file and report system which is of vital importance for the company was configured from scratch in line with new brand idea.