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Brand is you

Being a World Brand in B2B


Imagine that you are unrivalled in every job that you do both in your country and across the globe. Things are going well for you. Your production lines are full for almost one year. Your company is ranked among the first 500 exporter companies in Turkey with its strong revenue. Your profitability rate and liquidity power is high. 

Actually, you are an engineering company. Your field of activity is B2B. In other words, you perform intermediate production for strong companies conducting sales to the end users with their own brands. As this is the case, you do not have to do much to become a "brand". Right? 

Not at all. 

Manufacturing Like B2B Thinking Like B2C

The days when B2B companies did not have to invest in their brands are over. Now it is the era of manufacturing like B2B but acting and thinking like B2C. Just as it was the case in Mikropor's Brand is You consultancy. 

Mikropor is one of the leading air filter manufacturers across the globe. One year ago today, if you had asked any department of the company what they manufactured, you would naturally receive the response “air filter”. However, today everyone working within the company have a different response to this question: We produce the future to make the world a safer place. 

New Story, Logo, Identity and More

The brand idea Brand is You prepared for Mikropor reflects a philosophy that expresses beyond being a conventional intermediary manufacturer: Manufacturing Forward. In other words, manufacturing the future. 

The new logo "M" designed for the brand is formed with the combination of 5 different company values that turn this promise into a reality. Information and Technology on the left, Humanism and Environmental Sensitivity on the right and the essential value combining all at the center is Innovation. 


Mikropor brand transformation was completed in 4 months and it covers logo and base identity along with color and typography standards, website and social media identities as well as the correspondence forms for the institution and new brand presentation.