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Brand is you

A New Story A New Identity


According to World Bank’s 2015 report, Turkey has 3 brands with global recognition within international markets: Turkish Airlines, Mavi and Çilek

As the indisputable market leader in Turkey with regard to teen and children's rooms, Çilek is one of the rare brands aware of the fact that it has to invest in its brand along with production, distribution and customer services in order to become a true global player. 

The starting point to become a world-class brand in both domestic and international markets is clear: Having an original story that is in line with the spirit of the business and cultivating this story in all of the communication channels of the brand in a regular, constant and consistent manner. 

Çilek's Story

The brand story Brand is You prepared for Çilek within 90 days is based on a philosophy that is practical yet takes courage to implement: Çilek which has been manufacturing children and teen rooms for the past 20 years is actually not a furniture brand. Çilek does not manufacture furniture, it manufactures dreams. It nourishes children's dreams through its products and designs the worlds that inspire them and develop their imagination. According to Çilek, the most valuable thing that a brand can have is imagination. Information and technology can only get you to a certain point. Imagination gets you anywhere...  

Turning the Story into a Corporate Culture

What we call a story is the essential premise of the institution. Its reason for existence, dream to change the world. However, turning the story into a sustainable corporate culture is as important as writing it. 

Right at this point, Brand is You turned the slogan "Dream" into a fully-fledged corporate reflex for Çilek. Initially, all company documents were designed from scratch with the inspiration from the new story. The main and supplementary typographies used by the brand as part of its communication activities were renewed. Intracompany correspondence forms and industrial design materials were renewed. 

The story was turned into a catchy song and added to all advertisement films. In order to materialize the story, store packages were prepared and dealer applications were systematized. The advertisements where the brand was used were redesigned based on the new brand guidelines. Advertisement standards were made permanent. The brand's website and social media identity were synchronized with the story. 


The point reached at the end of the road was coherent with the last lines of the brand movie shot to tell the story: "Recognize the most valuable thing that you have. Dream about it. Just like us, you will realize your life has changed!"